Up to 6,2m3 per day

Households, restaurants, cafes


Up to 19,2m3 per day

Hotels, pensions, residential and office buildings


Up to 18,1m3 per day

Pure water for industry

World Water Forum Istanbul

Fotografie k novince World Water Forum Istanbul

Thursday 04/16/2009

We took a part in 5th World Water Forum in Istanbul from March 16th to 22nd 2009. It was the world 's largest water event which is organized every three years. This year more than 33 000 participants attended from 192 countries. Water Fair and Water Expo was held simultaneously with the Forum.

The main topics discussed during forum involved climate changes, risk management, ensuring sustainable development, managing and protecting water resources. Water Fair and Water Expo showed the complete spectrum of water related activities including drinking and waste water treatment.

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