Up to 6,2m3 per day

Households, restaurants, cafes


Up to 19,2m3 per day

Hotels, pensions, residential and office buildings


Up to 18,1m3 per day

Pure water for industry

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About us

Our water units prepare top-notch quality water respecting the local conditions and using the modern technologies.

Stillea is a technological and innovative company offering water treatment solutions. Our aim is to provide reliable technologies with the accent on the simple and easy maintenance and a product with a long life. Our team of professionals includes respected water treatment experts, mechanical and electrical engineers and software specialists developing automated control systems. Together we create a complex team that, by our knowledge and experience, covers every aspect of water treatment.

We have the full confidence in solutions we offer. All of them are developed by us. Our units are inspired by latest  knowledge and trends combined with our own water  treatment  experience. Fotolia_688089_XSProducts we make are tested by independent institutions and laboratories to ensure the best quality and highest technical standards.
Units for the drinking water treatment meet and exceed regulations of European Union and the World Health Organization. In addition we offer the only solutions that comply with a regional law regulation on the local markets.

Company values we stand for:

Reliability – You can rely on our solutions. You can rely on us.

We offer the first class water treatment solutions. We are always highly professional and honest. 

Safety – A synonym for pure and healthy water

All our products undergo complex testing to ensure the highest quality and technical parameters before putting them on the market. In addition our products are also independently tested by institutions and laboratories. 

Improvement and innovation – Even the best product can be improved

All our products are constantly being improved to ensure that they are free of any technical difficulties, always with excellent results.

Social responsibility – Values also in social and environmental accountability 

We believe that doing good business means being accountable to social and environmental issues. Corporate responsibility is one of our basic business principles.

Trust – It is hard to gain but easy to lose

We respect all our customers and business partners because your satisfaction is the most precious indicator of trust.